Credit Bank Frequently Asked Questions


Make sure to use the Outstanding Earned Credit Upload form to upload unused, earned salary credits.  Do not use the Teacher Change of Pay Request form (unless you are ready to move on the salary schedule).  If you use the Teacher Change of Pay Request form and you are not ready to move horizontally, the form will be denied.

How do I get to the Employee Portal?

To access the Employee Portal, click on this link:    BVSD Employee Portal


Once I am in the Employee Portal, what are the steps I take to review the credits I have already submitted and then upload outstanding earned credits?

  1.  You should review the Teacher Education Credential Worksheet to see what you have already submitted.  Click here:  Help Document – Locate the Teacher Education Credential Worksheet
  2. If you need to upload credits that are outstanding, use  the Outstanding Earned Credit Upload form to complete this step.  Click here:   Help Document – Completing Outstanding Earned Credit Upload Form
  3. Make sure to upload official salary credit transcripts from a university or the  salary credit transcript from your BVSD account.  Click here to access the help document to print a BVSD transcript.


Why do we have to upload our credits now?

There was new, negotiated language for fall 2019 that will provide you with expanded opportunities for horizontal movement.  This is the first step in the process of implementing the new language.


I have already submitted transcripts for horizontal movement, do I need to resubmit these?

No, anything you have already submitted is in process so do not submit these again.


If I have submitted a change of pay request with all of my earned, unused credit, do I have to fill out an Outstanding Earned Credit Upload form?

No, you are all set!


What happens if I don’t submit my outstanding, earned salary credits by December 31, 2018?

You will lose these credits so get them uploaded and tell a friend!  Friends don’t let friends lose credits.


What happens if I am currently taking a class, but will not earn the credit until after December 31, 2018?

No worries!  Submit your earned credit, when you receive it, through the new MyPassport upload.


Do you accept all unused credits from years past?

As long as you have not exceeded 12 credits in the calendar year and your credit meets the BVEA Negotiated Agreement language (click here for the link to the agreement).


Can I use credits from Brandman, Chapman, or Dominican?

You can upload these to submit for re-certification, but we no longer accept these institutions for horizontal movement.

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We are excited about our partnership with CU Boulder and another Masters Cohort being offered for the upcoming year. Develop bilingual, multicultural, and ESL competencies while earning Graduate level credit and a Master’s degree for nearly 1/3 of the cost. 


Please contact Mary Jo Bode with any questions.


We also have new opportunities with CSU Global, where BVSD employees can receive a 10% discount on classes. Visit to review information, request an audience with an enrollment counselor, and begin the admissions process. When enrolling, be sure to identify yourself as an employee of BVSD to receive the tuition discount paperwork needed to receive the proper rate.