Licensed Staff – The Credit Bank is Coming!

We are putting the finishing touches on the credit bank – your place to house your salary credits for horizontal movement on the salary schedule.  We will have support and help documents to assist you as the bank comes live.  In the meantime keep learning and growing with Professional Learning!

Do you still have questions about this process?  We are happy to introduce Jenny Crawford, who will be working to support you during the credit bank transition.  Do you still have questions about:

  • uploaded credits
  • official transcripts that were received
  • credits not uploaded before the deadline
  • ongoing classes that will end this spring

Feel free to contact Jenny at 720-561-5438 or at

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We are excited about our partnership with CU Boulder and another Masters Cohort being offered for the upcoming year. Develop bilingual, multicultural, and ESL competencies while earning Graduate level credit and a Master’s degree for nearly 1/3 of the cost. 


Please contact Mary Jo Bode with any questions.


We also have new opportunities with CSU Global, where BVSD employees can receive a 10% discount on classes. Visit to review information, request an audience with an enrollment counselor, and begin the admissions process. When enrolling, be sure to identify yourself as an employee of BVSD to receive the tuition discount paperwork needed to receive the proper rate.